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Tree Sponsors

Thank you for sponsoring a tree at the Festival of Trees! Your generous donation (and fabulous decorating skills) will help raise funds for the Southwest Florida Goodwill Foundation, and support needed programs and services for people with disabilities and disadvantages.  

Tree Decorator Guidelines

  • Pay attention to your deadlines. We have very firm deadlines for printing our programs and promotional materials, and we want to make sure everything is as accurate as possible to give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Whenever possible, please use non-breakable decorations.
  • IMPORTANT- Use floral wire or ribbons to securely attach decorations and/or lights to your tree. This will help minimize potential damage when trees are wrapped and shipped to the buyers.
  • A tree skirt is required.  There will be a plastic bag underneath your tree, and the skirt is necessary to conceal the delivery bag.
  • Decorating materials should be flame retardant or noncombustible.
  • Please do not use living materials or unwrapped food. Degradable products like food or candy must be coated and sealed.
  • Please remember the minimum decorative values: $1500 for trees, $50 for wreaths.

Remember, your tree will be raffled to benefit the Southwest Florida Goodwill Foundation.  In order to generate the maximum value for your donation, please provide a detailed list of all gift items (including approximate values) on your tree sponsor form. 

Looking for ideas? Consider a gift certificate or gift items that coincide with the theme of the tree. Please do not actually attach any certificates or small valuables (jewelry, tickets, etc) to the tree. Instead, place them in an envelope and give them to the "Tree Concierge" on set-up day so that they can be placed in a lock-box for safe keeping.

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